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Professional translation into Swedish

Gabriella at ITB offers professional translation and editing services.

I translate and review translations into Swedish from English, German, Norwegian and Danish. With more than 20 years' experience in the translation business, I have a deep understanding of what is required from a professional translator.

The process includes: source text analysis, professional translation using correct terminology and style, quality assurance and of course delivery on time at the agreed cost.

My preferred fields are



•Mechanical engineering 




•Software localisation

•Fiction and non-fiction

Available software and CAT tools

•Trados Studio 2021






•QA Distiller

•ApSIC Xbench

•MS Office

Translation is more than just combining words. Translation is transferring the correct meaning and feeling of the source text, as intended by the writer, into the target language. The reader should feel as though the target text was written in their language. High quality translation meets or exceeds the recipient's expectations. 

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